What, Why and How?

What, Why and How?


What is my company ‘Meidell Management’ actually about? 

I'm a problem solver - that's what I'm good at. Easy. I automatically know how to solve problems, either it's regarding minor matters or severe strategical and/or operational issues on corporate level. I've been asked several times how I do this; solve problems that are regarded unsolvable to most. Until a year ago I didn't have a proper answer for you. I hadn't reflected on it, I just executed. What I have realised is that the way I operate, the way I solve problems and issues - it's teachable. It's all about a mindset, observation skills and execution mode. 

I call myself a problem manager, but really all I do is being open and searching for alternatives and opportunities, and that is really fun! 

Stay tuned and I will publish features describing how I work and the methodology behind it.